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A Comprehensive Guide To Finding The Best Rental Car For Your Trip To Dubai

Most of us think that it is best to own a car and use it for our everyday trip. However, a private car is not affordable for everyone. There is one solution to this issue. You may rent a car in Dubai and make your journey more comfortable for you. Whether you are a traveler or a resident in Dubai, the rental car is one of the best choices for you.  You can find several companies, offering you the opportunity for car hire in Dubai. Most of these companies provide you with their chauffeured service. However, it is also essential to choose the right rental vehicle for your trip.

Car size and type -Which is the best one for you?

You may have thought of enjoying a family trip on this vacation. In this case, a two-seater will not be the right choice for you. You have to make sure that your car has seats to accommodate all the members of your family. The smaller cars have 2 seats, while the bigger ones may have more than 4 seats. Some passengers may take their seat at the backside. In that case, you have to check out whether there is a minimum of 4 doors for easier access to the car.

Most of the car rental companies in Dubai give you the freedom of choosing the vehicle from the available models. Some of us have our own car. However, we still rely on the rental ones to enjoy a ride in the most stylish car. You may find luxury and ordinary cars in rental companies.

The common options for you are-

  • Economy or budget cars- To move the cars through the highly trafficked areas, you may choose these cars. These economy cars have good mileage.
  • Intermediate cars- You can get much space in these cars to accommodate all the passengers and luggage.
  • Compact cars- They are easily drivable. However, you may have professional chauffeurs from the car rental companies.
  • Full-size cars- You will find much amount of boot space and leg space in these vehicles.
  • Premium standard cars- As one of the car enthusiasts, you may love having a ride in these cars. The corporate travelers choose this type of cars.
  • Luxury cars- The interior side of these cars is much attractive. They have a high-end engine for the best performance. With this magnificent car rental in Dubai, you will be able to enjoy your trip. The limousines are sophisticated and superb-looking cars, chosen on a rental basis.

Are you looking for additional accessories?

Some of us travel with children, and in that case, it is essential to check out child seat policies in the UAE. You may ask the rental companies to make sure that they have child seats. Lots of car rental companies have a special facility for disabled persons. The physically handicapped persons will be able to get into the car with their wheelchairs. To rent a car in the UAE, you have to focus on these factors. The presence of an air conditioner in the car is another feature that may affect the price rate. However, for a long trip on a summer day, you can better choose the car, having an AC system.

Find the charge for renting a car-

Everyone has various requirements, and thus, we look for cars of different styles. That is why the car rental agencies have presented you with various packages for you. You will be able to find a budget car rental in Dubai. The way of charging you for the car rental service is different for all the companies. The common pricing schemes are-

  • Hourly rate- You need to pay for the number of hours during which you have engaged the car. You may find 3 or 6-hour package in most of the companies.
  • Pay per minute- The charge for car rental service is based on every minute. You have to calculate the number of minutes for which you have hired the car.
  • Charge per kilometer – It is another way of charging you for car hire service.
  • Corporate car rental- The corporate clients choose this package to take the car to a party. You may get discounts on this service.
  • Long duration package- Some car rental agencies offer you a rental car for a week. For a longer trip, you can choose this package.

Do the rental companies have professional and reliable chauffeurs?

To enjoy a safe journey, it is always better to check out the qualities and skills of the chauffeur of the rental agencies. The best chauffeurs know the right driving technique, and thus, there may not be any risk of collision. These chauffeurs have also high knowledge on all the routes. They will be able to reach you to your destination within a very short time. While there is a traffic jam on the highway, they choose a different route for you to arrive at the site.

Car hire service for special events-

On the wedding day, birthday and different other occasions, you can look for special rental cars. The newlyweds also love a uniquely designed car on their wedding day. You may also hire a car for the guests of your wedding party. It is a way of celebrating your wedding day in a new style. You can rent a car for the birthday of your dear ones. Some companies decorate their cars with ribbons, bubble machines, champagne and balloons. You have to inform them about the purpose of hiring the car, and they will decorate the car in the right way.

Know about your rights-

All car rental companies have created different rules. You have to learn about the cancellation and refund policies of your chosen company. For any reason, you have the right of cancelling the booked car.

Thus, we have presented you with a guide on hiring the right car successfully. Now, you can take time for picking the appropriate car from one of the reputed companies in Dubai. The rental car will give you comfort throughout the journey.