Ferrari F8 Tributo

Seats 2
Doors 2

Free Pickup-Drop Off
Insurance Yes
Security Amount, AED5000
Payment Type Credit Card & Cash
24/7 Customer Service
Mileage Daily, KM250

Ferrari has always been associated with raw power and fine precision engineering, but they have truly outdone themselves with the Ferrari F8 Tributo. The vivacious and fierce exterior design is comparable only to the finesse of a prowling panther. the interior beckons you into a racing car with its leather bucket seats and elegant silver trimmings. The 3.9L DOHC 32-valve twin-turbo V-8; 710 hp @ 8,000 rpm, 568 lb-ft @ 3,250 rpm with 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. The layout is 2-door, 2-passenger, mid-engine, RWD coupe
For your comfort and convenience, the F8 has cruise control, stability control, and traction control - all of this will further impro Ferrari’s Ferrari driving comfort. Safety concerns are for naught, especially with the top-of-the-range ABS, EBD, and brake assist systems. Good music is what makes a trip, and the GTB comes equipped with a powerful sound system accessible from the large touchscreen infotainment system located in the center console.
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